5 Reasons To Use Serviced Apartments For Your Family Parties

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A serviced apartment provides the perfect opportunity for your family to come together and stay in a comfortable environment for the next gathering. If you’re looking to spend some precious time together for a special occasion, then look no further!

The Benefits Of Serviced Apartments

Here are five of our top reasons for investing in a serviced apartment for your future family occasions.

#1 Housekeeping Services Help With Tidying

One of the main advantages of serviced apartments are the efficient and convenient housekeeping services on offer. Trained staff will happily freshen your rooms and living areas - giving you more freedom to enjoy time with your loved ones!

#2 Serviced Apartments

Are Economic When staying for a period of time, serviced apartments can work out more price effective than opting for your entire family to stay in hotels or Bnb’s. Plus, with apartments of all sizes, you can ensure the whole family is together and get to enjoy quality time without being separated across multiple places of accommodation.

#3 You Can Dine-In And Entertain In Comfort

Serviced apartments are filled with the facilities that you could expect in a normal home, meaning you’ll have access to a stocked and efficient kitchen. Being able to dine-in can make your occasion highly cost-effective, and reduces the hassle of having to organise catering or bar services for your event.

#4 Feel At Home

Your serviced apartment feels like an extension of your own home! Stay in comfort with additional privacy and convenience that you wouldn’t get from a typical hotel - before throwing your party in a relaxed atmosphere that wouldn’t be achieved at a rented venue. Serviced apartments allow you to keep the occasion as informal as you like.

#5 Enjoy Your Visit Like A Local

Serviced apartments give you and your family an authentic travel experience, allowing you to live like locals instead of tourists. Get right into the heart of your chosen destination, as many apartments are located in bustling areas of cities that wouldn’t usually be accessible from a hotel. Plus your apartment provider will be highly knowledgable with the surrounding area - giving you an inner insight into the best places to visit, eat and drink.

Hosting Your Family Party At Serviced Apartments

In Derby Derby is the perfect location to hold your next family gathering. Its centralised location in the middle of the UK makes it ideal to bring together relations from across the country, without anyone having to travel too far to reach you. The city is steeped in history and culture - from infamous ghost walks to the historical Arkwright mills and surrounding Derbyshire Peak District. At The Stay Company, we have a range of stunning serviced apartments to rent right in the centre of the vibrant city - perfect for anyone wishing to explore the sights up-close. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today to see how we can help organise your stay and make it a family trip to remember!