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If you’re moving somewhere completely new mid-long term due to work or contracting commitments, it’s important to find accommodation that provides you with everything you need it to. However, it isn’t always possible to move straight into a property of your own and short term rental options are usually costly. So, what’s the answer? If you’re looking for long term accommodation that feels like home, choose a serviced apartment in Derby.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments offer renters a long term alternative to other costly accommodation options, whilst providing somewhere that truly feels like home. Though staying in B&Bs and hotels is fun initially, they lack a lot of the amenities that long term renters need such as a fully equipped kitchen and adequate storage space. This is why at The Stay Company we have created serviced apartments that feel personal, homely and comfortable. We’ve taken into consideration what long term renters require and ensured our apartments fit the bill.

There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing a serviced apartment in Derby over other accommodation options. Unlike hotels and B&Bs, you can stay in a serviced apartment for the long term without feeling as though you are a guest in someone else’s room; there’s room for you to unpack and relax. Plus, you won’t find yourself locked into a contract for longer than you want to be, which can be the case with some other long term rentals.

Our Serviced Apartments in Derby

Our serviced apartments in Derby are all fully furnished, modern and they are equipped with all modern amenities. This means you are not responsible for finding furniture or appliances. You’re not even responsible for repairs, as there’s an out of hours contact number for those. Simply, a serviced apartment is a long term accommodation option without stress. You’ll even find yourself within a short walk from the centre of Derby.

 Serviced apartments are also ideal if you are someone who likes to have guests over, as our serviced apartments are extremely spacious and they provide enough room for you to entertain friends and family.

Long Term Accomodation at The Stay Company

If you’re looking for long term accommodation in Derby, a serviced apartment could be the perfect choice. To find out more about the serviced apartments available or for help and advice, get in touch. Contact The Stay Company today on 0330 223 3033 or via the online contact form.