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If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Derby, you have come to the right place. Though there are hotels and guesthouses to choose from, at The Stay Company we firmly believe that a modern serviced apartment is the best choice. By offering everything you need for a short or long term stay, a modern serviced apartment provides a level of comfort that just isn’t found among other accommodation options.

Whether you’re moving to Derby on a short term basis or you’ve planning to stay a lot longer, we’d recommend stayi

Why Choose The Stay Company’s Serviced Apartments?

Though there are not as many serviced apartments in Derby as there are other forms of accommodation, they are quickly become extremely popular. This means that you, are a potential guest, can find yourself having to choose between a number of different options. However, we are confident that the serviced apartments at The Stay Company offer a lot more than most.

All of our serviced apartments are modern and contain state of the art technology. This means there’s no worry of being faced with a poor internet connection, a handful of television channels and basic pieces of equipment. Instead, we ensure each one of our serviced apartments is fitted with the very best items. Similarly, all of our serviced apartments in Derby boast modern kitchen amenities; this ensures you are able to cook with ease, host guests and dive into delicious meals.

At The Stay Company, we have put a great deal of thought into what makes a house a home. Then, we’ve worked hard to ensure all of our serviced apartments are just that. From comfortable beds to an abundance of strorage space, you’ll feel right at home. This feeling is only heightened by the privacy that comes with choosing a serviced apartment.

Find Out More About Serviced Apartments in Derby

To find out more about serviced apartments in Derby, come to The Stay Company. We have a great deal of knowledge and understand about the importance of serviced apartments, and we’re confident that our stand out from the rest. To find out more, get in touch. Contact us today on 0330 223 3033 or via the online contact form.