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If you’re heading to Derby and you’re looking for somewhere to stay, you may want to consider a serviced apartment. Here’s why:


Why Should You Choose a Serviced Apartment in Derby?


  1. A Serviced Apartment Could Save You Money - Though you may not initially think so, staying in a serviced apartment could save you money. Hotels and B&Bs often seem like the cheaper option but these bring with them additional costs, such as the price of eating out every night and having to pay to have laundry done. However, when you stay in a serviced apartment, these aren’t expenses you need to worry about. Every serviced apartment at The Stay Company has brilliant kitchen and laundry facilities for you to use.


  1. A Serviced Apartment is Spacious and Relaxing - Whereas most hotel rooms contain a bed and very little else, a serviced apartment is extremely spacious. With large bedrooms and living areas, it’s easy to relax and unwind after a hard day. With a serviced apartment, you have enough room to entertain guests and there’s no risk of feeling cramped.


  1. A Serviced Apartment is Fully Taken Care Of - One of the main downsides to owning a property is having to take care of things such as broken appliances, leaks and repair work. However, when you stay in a serviced apartment, this isn’t your responsibility. All of the serviced apartments at The Stay Company are fully taken care of by an expert. Whether it’s a broken washing machine or a faulty television, you just need to let us know.


  1. A Serviced Apartment is Ideal for Long Term Stays - It can be difficult to stay in a hotel or B&B for a long period of time, as there just isn’t the room to really make yourself at home. Plus, the novelty of eating out for every meal soon wears off. Luckily, serviced apartments are ideal for long term stays. Serviced apartments have everything you need and they’re a fantastic home away from home.


Stay at a Serviced Apartment in Derby

If you think a serviced apartment in Derby could be the right accommodation choice for you, we can help. At The Stay Company we have a number of serviced apartments to offer, all of which are based in the heart of Derby. We have apartments of varying sizes, which means there’s something for everyone. To find out more about staying at a serviced apartment in Derby, get in touch.