Planning a Hassle-Free Serviced Accommodation Stay for Your Employees

Organising travel for multiple team members can be stressful due to their varying needs and limited availability at some accommodation providers. We have locations in Derby and another location in Nottingham with a selection of apartment types and sizes to suit different needs. Our team is experienced in dealing with group business trips, here are a few of the ways we can help:

Easy Business Travel

Having all your employees in one place makes it much easier when researching travel options. Our serviced accommodation locations are easily accessible by car or public transport so no matter what mode of transport your employees choose to get here, we aim to meet everyone’s needs.

Easy Business Trip Planning

When you’re planning a trip for multiple employees it is easier to have them all in one place for making arrangements during the trip and for any booking enquiries or amendments you can get in touch with us directly, making it much easier to organise.

Collaborative Working on the Move 

Employees who are travelling together may need to work collaboratively during their stay, this is much easier with our serviced accommodation as there are living areas, so you aren’t confined to a hotel room or there are plenty of meeting spots around the city. Check the current COVID-19 restrictions to ensure collaborative work is carried out safely.

Efficiently Handle Enquiries

Any questions or requests during your team’s stay with us can be simply forwarded to our Guest Services Team and dealt with in one place to ensure all employees get the best experience.

Business Accommodation Discounts

Companies booking stays for multiple employees can be eligible for exclusive offers. For more information about discounts please email or call 0330 223 3033.

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