Thinking of setting up a new business or maybe even targeting a new demographic of customers during 2023? Well, the midlands is a perfect location to get the ball rolling on your new business endeavours. 

Why should I explore the midlands for business?

When it comes to promoting and introducing your business into a new area, the midlands may not be your first pick. Many interpreters tend to pick the bigger cities here in the UK, such as London or Manchester due to the obvious opportunities to be found. However, when it comes to finding a new market to explore, the midlands may be better suited to your goals than you think. 


With the costs of living rising steadily all over the UK, it's more important now than ever to be smart about your living expenses, and with London being one of the most expensive cities in the UK, many people are choosing to live and work outside of the city. 

When it comes to business expenses, you may be conscious of budgets, after all, you want to be making a profit. The Midlands is considerably cheaper compared to London, which may just be the decision-making factor when it comes to choosing where your company will be located. 

Locals in midland cities such as Nottingham or Derby are able to maintain the same standard of living for much less. The same goes for business expenses, you will most likely be paying less for office space in the Midlands compared to cities such as London or Manchester, meaning your money can be invested back into the business to continue with your growth. 

Transport links

Although your business may trade within the midlands, having a connection to other major cities around the UK is still very important. Nottingham and Derby both have excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, with a convenient train line running to the south of the UK including London. With a journey time of under two hours, day trips for business meetings are very much doable. 


When beginning your own business it is really important you chose a location that offers opportunities for growth as your business develops. In the last decade alone, the midlands has seen substantial growth across many sectors, making it a great location to begin your next business adventure.  Derby alone has had over 4 million pounds worth of investment, improving infrastructure and opportunities for economic development in the city. 


When it comes to any business, employees are always at the heart. After all, without a hard-working team, it's difficult to make your mission a success. With eight universities in the west Midlands alone, there is no shortage of graduates and business-minded individuals ready to drive your business forward.   Looking for your new headquarters in the Midlands, why not stay in one of our Serviced Apartments in Nottingham or Derby. Pick your ideal location and accommodation and book today.

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