October 2023: The Ultimate Convenience: 5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments are Perfect for City Breaks 

City breaks are a great way to recharge, explore new places, and immerse yourself in urban life. While hotels have traditionally been the go-to choice for accommodation, there's a trend that's gaining momentum – and it’s serviced apartments.

July 2023: You're in safe hands

As well as providing the very best facilities inside our serviced apartments, managing the security outside is another vital part of our promise to guests.

June 2023: Meet the Management Team

It is definitely service with a smile as the busy department supports guests, responds to online bookings, and ensures all working practices at The Stay Company run smoothly.

May 2023: Family Friendly Stays

Imagine having a ‘home from home’ experience waiting for you from the moment you arrive. One that feels like home and meets the needs of a busy family weekend away. Maybe it’s time to book one of our serviced apartments?

April 2023: 4 Ways to make your Luxury Apartment in Nottingham feel like home

When you are away from home for long periods it is natural to feel a little bit homesick. Staying in a serviced apartment has a much more wholesome and homely feel than a hotel, but it still isn’t quite home.

March 2023: Why you should choose a Serviced Apartment in Nottingham over a Hotel

Travelling, no matter the reason, brings the need for accommodation to the top of your to-do list. Whether you are planning a staycation or accommodation for a corporate event, there are a few choices to consider when finding the ideal place to stay.

March 2023: Meet our housekeeping heroes!

It’s a military manoeuvre mapping out all the housekeeping chores at The Stay Company, but one thing is certain – every ‘clean’ is carried out to perfection.

February 2023: Why choose serviced apartments?

It’s a cliché – but the little things really do make all the difference. That’s why choosing serviced apartments makes a lot of sense. At The Stay Company, we truly care about making a meaningful impact to your stay away from home.

January 2023: Top Tips For Booking Corporate Accommodation In The UK

Business travel is very common for businesses up and down the country, with trips requiring places to stay overnight, or for long periods of time. If you have ever travelled to see a client or even visited another office of your business, you will appreciate that some hotels and accommodations can be lonely places to be. With corporate accommodation such as serviced apartments, you will find the comforts of home, whilst away from home. 

Derbyshire County Cricket Club is ‘bowled over’ by The Stay Company

What used to be a two-day task searching for suitable accommodation for players at Derbyshire County Cricket Club is now a two-minute phone call – thanks to the club’s partnership with serviced accommodation specialist The Stay Company.

December 2022: Why you should embrace the Digital Nomad life in 2023

Working from home has become a permanent fixture in a lot of workplaces, but it wasn’t the only trend to come out of the pandemic. Digital Nomad lifestyles have become increasingly popular and are a great way to see the world, whilst still working.

November 2022: Things To Do In Derby This Christmas Season

Travelling to Derby at Christmas is the ideal time to visit. Discover all of the festive activities to do when spending Christmas in Derby, and experience the most joyful time of the year in this beautiful English City.

October 2022: 4 Must-visit places in Nottingham whilst on Business

While away on business, it is easy to fall into the pattern of just going to your work environment and then retiring to your quarters to relax at the end of the day. But those who travel frequently will know that there is so much to see and experience on these trips that you shouldn’t waste it by wandering aimlessly or not even leaving your accommodation at all.

September 2022: Why the Midlands is the place for your business in 2023

Thinking of setting up a new business or maybe even targeting a new demographic of customers during 2023? Well, the midlands is a perfect location to get the ball rolling on your new business endeavours. 

August 2022: 5 travel hacks every frequent traveller should know

Travelling frequently can often be tiring and a bit of a hassle, so we've put together a list of 5 travel hacks for frequent travellers to help make your next business venture that bit smoother. 

July 2022: The Benefits Of Flexible Living At A Serviced Apartment

Experience the joys of flexible living with serviced apartments. Serviced apartments offer the luxury of a hotel room, with the flexibility to enjoy everyday life as if it was your own home.

June 2022: Planning a Hassle-Free Serviced Accommodation Stay For Your Employees

A lot of people approach planning a trip for employees with hesitation, assuming that it’s going to be a time-consuming and difficult task. After all, you will want to find the perfect accommodation for everyone. However, it’s rarely the difficult task that people assume it to be. When you choose The Stay Company, you can relax knowing that your employees are guaranteed a hassle-free and enjoyable stay.

May 2022: The Business Traveller’s Guide To Food & Drink In Derby

Travelling for business can often be a lonely and tiring experience, staying in a new place and being away from your home comforts. But why not make the most of a new city, and explore the great food and drink options Derby has to offer?

April 2022: Why More Businesses Are Turning to Serviced Accommodation

Increasingly companies are considering serviced accommodation as opposed to hotels and B&B’s when it comes to business travel arrangements. Serviced apartments offer a range of benefits and can be particularly worthwhile during longer period stays. Here are some of the reasons why more businesses are turning to serviced accommodation.

March 2022: New Self-Contained Accommodation in Nottingham

We have now added two-bedroom bungalows to our offering in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Both bungalows offer you the same great quality stay and luxury feel but in a completely self-contained bungalow.

February 2022: Places to Eat in West Bridgford During Your Stay

West Bridgford is a great place to visit for foodies as there are a variety of different bars and restaurants all within walking distance of our Devonshire Court apartments which is perfect for if you fancy sampling a few drinks! Here are a few of our favourite spots for different tastes so you’ll be sure to find something you fancy…

January 2022: Take a Look Inside Our Luxury Serviced Apartments in Nottingham

If you’re looking for places to stay in Nottingham with the right feel and premium quality for your personal needs, then our Devonshire Court apartments in West Bridgford are perfect for your business or leisure trip.

Features That Make Our Serviced Accommodation Stand Out

Serviced accommodation is becoming more and more popular, especially for extended stays. This accommodation is naturally self-contained with no lobby or shared dining room which would usually put you in close contact with other guests.

Planning a Hassle-Free Serviced Accommodation Stay for Your Employees

Organising travel for multiple team members can be stressful due to their varying needs and limited availability at some accommodation providers. We have locations in Derby and another location in Nottingham with a selection of apartment types and sizes to suit different needs. Our team is experienced in dealing with group business trips, here are a few of the ways we can help:

Our Top 5 Outdoor Dining Options in Derby

Derby has many different food and drink venues but not all of them have reopened yet. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to, here are our recommendations for places to eat and drink right now in April 2021.

4 Finishing Touches Our Serviced Apartment Guests Can Enjoy

When it comes to enjoying an outstanding serviced apartment stay, we believe that even the smallest details matter. We’ve taken the time to understand what is important to you as guests so we can strive to provide the best service that meets your long-term travel needs. It is also important to us that you feel comfortable and well looked after during your stay from the moment that you arrive and throughout. Here are a few of the features that we have in our apartments to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Why Serviced Accommodation is the Future of the Hotel Industry

There are a lot of accommodation options when you travel and for many years, hotels have been the ‘go to’ choice for people. However, things are changing and now a number of guests are continually opting for serviced accommodation. This is because serviced accommodation has a lot to offer and stands out in the hotel industry. 

Making Christmas Special in a Serviced Apartment

There is no denying that Christmas is going to be very different this year for a lot of people, especially if you are going to be spending the holiday staying in a serviced apartment. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that staying away from home means going without a proper celebration, but this isn’t the case at all. Thankfully, it’s very easy to make Christmas feel special in a serviced apartment and you won’t miss out on the festivities.

Why the Serviced Accommodation Sector Is Booming?

When it comes to finding somewhere comfortable to stay in a new city, a lot of people immediately look for a standard hotel and book a room. Though hotels will always be popular, there really is no denying the fact that the serviced accommodation sector is booming.

The Essential Guide To Derby For Business Travellers

Though you will obviously be travelling for work purposes, it’s helpful to know a little about the area and what you can expect from a new city. If you travel to Derby, you won’t be short of things to see and do. With fantastic travel links and a range of comfortable accommodation options, it’s easy to see why business travellers enjoy their stay and are keen to return. 

Top Tips For Working Productively In Serviced Accommodation

If you have had to work from home before, you will know that being productive doesn’t come easily. Though you may have some days where you remain focused and on task, working from home can be a struggle. Luckily, we have some top tips to help you work productively in serviced accommodation. 

The Future Of Serviced Accommodation

There is no denying that the serviced accommodation sector has changed in the face of COVID-19. Like a lot of the hospitality and service industries, those working in serviced accommodation have had to adapt to ensure everyone remains safe during the pandemic. A range of crucial measures have been put in place over the last few months, some of which may stay even after the threat of the virus has passed.

Providing Key Workers With Accommodation During Covid-19

The Stay Company are proud to be working exhaustively to provide essential workers with the secure accommodation they need during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Our apartments are being offered exclusively to essential workers, providing a safe and comfortable environment for individuals who are looking for a longer-term form of accommodation that can deliver the same familiarity as their home.

How Serviced Apartments Can Help You In An Emergency

Examples of how serviced apartments can be relied on at last-minute for situations like: divorce, rehoming, eviction, cancelled flights, visiting relatives in hospital or care.

Explore Derbyshire In 2019

Are you staying in Derby for a short period of time? Or looking to plan a visit to the area? The county of Derbyshire is known for it’s idyllic villages and stunning landscapes. Pick from some of our top things to do in the Derbyshire area, guaranteeing an excitement-packed trip that’s filled with things to see.

Impress Friends and Family With A Luxury Serviced Apartment

When you move into a new home, you will probably want to impress friends and family. Even if you are only moving into an apartment for a month or two, you can still show people what they are missing out on. To help you do this, we offer luxury serviced apartments in Derby. When you move into one of our serviced accommodation options, you’ll be moving into somewhere that stands out for all of the right reasons.

How to Make a Serviced Apartment Feel Like Home

At The Stay Company, we take pride in offering serviced apartments that feel like a home away from home. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and free from any of the worries that usually come with renting a property. However, there are some things that you can do yourself to really make a serviced apartment feel as though it’s your very own home. Though you can’t decorate or make any permanent changes, there are a lot of small things you can do that will make a big difference.

Finding Serviced Accommodation in Derby Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

When a lot of people think of serviced accommodation in Derby, they’re immediately intrigued. After all, who wouldn’t be? With everything already set up and ready for you to move in, a serviced apartment is often the best choice when it comes to finding somewhere to stay in the city. However, some people are still somewhat hesitant. This is because they assume that finding serviced accommodation is a time consuming and difficult task. This isn’t the case at all.

What Should You Look For In A Serviced Apartment?

If you haven’t stayed in a serviced apartment before, you may be wondering what sorts of things you should be looking for. When you are looking for a standard place to rent, it’s easy to know what makes a good apartment and what doesn’t. For example, you’ll want somewhere clean and somewhere with enough space for you, your belongings and your guests. However, with serviced accommodation offering so much more, this isn’t always as clear. Should you be looking for somewhere with laundry facilities or is that not something that’s included with a serviced apartment? Should you be looking for somewhere with a lot of space to relax or is that not something that’s possible with a serviced apartment?

5 Business Travel Tips For Your Serviced Apartment Stay

Are you planning a business trip and staying in a serviced apartment? Or thinking about booking a visit and switching from your typical hotel to try a serviced apartment instead? Read below to find out our top business travel tips for making the most of your serviced apartment stay.

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