Why Serviced Accommodation is the Future of the Hotel Industry

There are a lot of accommodation options when you travel and for many years, hotels have been the ‘go to’ choice for people. However, things are changing and now a number of guests are continually opting for serviced accommodation. This is because serviced accommodation has a lot to offer and stands out in the hotel industry.

Why are Guests Opting for Serviced Accommodation?

More Spacious Accommodation Option

There is no denying that hotel rooms tend to lack space, even if you splurge and book a larger-than-average room. This can lead to you feeling cramped during your stay, especially if you are staying for a long period of time or you have a lot of luggage. When you opt for a serviced apartment, you have a lot more space to relax. Serviced accommodation provides a spacious and roomy alternative to a hotel room.

Guests Want Privacy

Though a hotel room does offer some level of privacy, a lot of the amenities are shared with other guests. However, in serviced accommodation, you have complete privacy wherever you go. You have a private kitchen, bathroom and living area to enjoy. There is no need to worry about anyone else.

A Home Away from Home

There has been an increase in guests looking for a home away from home when they travel, rather than a hotel experience. A serviced apartment has everything you could need to feel at home, wherever you are, and is packed with home comforts. This includes a fully fitted kitchen, WiFi, space to work and room to entertain friends. 

Serviced Accommodation for Long Term Stays

Staying in a hotel for a short amount of time can be fun, a way to treat yourself and a change of scenery. However, a hotel room isn’t the most practical option for a longer stay. Luckily, serviced accommodation is ideal for any length of stay. With everything you need and your own space, serviced apartments are perfect for stays of weeks or months.

At The Stay Company, we have created a high-quality serviced accommodation option. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, on a short-term or long-term basis, you can enjoy staying in one of our serviced apartments in Derby or our places to stay in Nottingham. To find out more or to make a booking, get in touch with The Stay Company team.

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