Why you should choose a Serviced Apartment in Nottingham over a Hotel

Travelling, no matter the reason, brings the need for accommodation to the top of your to-do list. Whether you are planning a staycation or accommodation for a corporate event, there are a few choices to consider when finding the ideal place to stay.

Two great options for corporate accommodation include the regular hotel route, or looking into serviced apartments.

At The Stay Company, we have looked into the pros and cons of both hotels and serviced apartments to help you make the best decision for your next visit to Nottingham.

Pros and Cons of Hotels for Corporate Stays

Staying in a hotel is a regular occurrence for those used to attending corporate events outside of their usual area, but what makes staying in a hotel a good choice for your next corporate stay?

Pros of Hotel Stays

Hotels are usually located centrally, in a convenient area for any public transport or office links, making it much easier to get around during your stay. 

One of the benefits of a hotel stay is the opportunity to switch off from reality without the need to do any regular household chores. Gone are the days of washing dishes or changing your own bed. You may also have additional amenities depending on your hotel choice, including access to a hotel pool or gym.

Cons of staying in a Hotel

Staying in a hotel can also be a more expensive option than a serviced apartment, with hotel prices being on the more expensive side when compared, especially with the additional costs of eating out.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

First things first, you may be wondering what a serviced apartment is.

A serviced apartment is an apartment in your desired location that has been fully furnished with all of the amenities you may need during your stay, becoming a home away from home. 

Pros of a Serviced Apartment

For longer trips away from home a serviced apartment is equipped with everything you could possibly need, including a bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen, allowing you to relax and cook after a full workday even when you’re away. 

More affordable than a hotel, with the added bonus of being able to create your own meals to reduce your food cost, serviced apartments provide flexible living options while away from home.

Not only do you have extra facilities which you might not have in a hotel, the bonus space is ideal for any late-night meetings or business calls, providing an air of professionalism that you can’t get in a hotel room.

Choose a Superhost serviced apartment provider like The Stay Company for a quality stay with third party security and a 24hr helpline that ensures your stay runs as smoothly as possible.

Cons of staying in a Serviced Apartment

The main issue you may find with a serviced apartment is that you still have to do your chores, there is no housekeeper to come and take your dishes away or make your bed.

Whilst some serviced apartments don't include housekeeping, at The Stay Company each of our apartments includes weekly houskeeping to help keep your apartment spick and span during your stay. 

Discover Serviced Apartments in Nottingham for your next Corporate Trip

Say goodbye to the lonely hotel life and say hello to serviced apartments in Nottingham. Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your affordable corporate accommodation, or check out our helpful blog for more information on how to make the most out of your stay in one of our serviced apartments.

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