4 Ways to make your Luxury Apartment in Nottingham feel like home

When you are away from home for long periods it is natural to feel a little bit homesick. Staying in a serviced apartment has a much more wholesome and homely feel than a hotel, but it still isn’t quite home.

Creating a home away from home, whether you’re away for business or something else, but you can always look at ways in which you can make it feel more homely.

At The Stay Company we have come up with our favourite four ways that you can make a luxury apartment in Nottingham feel more like home during your stay.

1. Bring Pictures from Home

One of the easiest ways to bring a little piece of home into your serviced apartment is to bring some pictures or photos from home. 

Set up photos of family members or pets on your bedside table, or in the living space. At The Stay Company there are plenty of surfaces to display frames and photos so you can see them wherever you spend the most time in the apartment, there’s even space on the fridge!

2. Stock your Favourite Snacks

A serviced apartment comes with a fully furnished kitchen, so consider stocking the fridge and cupboards with any home comfort foods to help you feel at home. Nothing beats being able to grab your favourite snack without having to think about where the closest shop is. 

Whether you want to keep an indulgent bottle of wine cooled and ready for the end of the day, or you want your favourite sweet or savoury snacks at hand to fill the gaps between meals, there is plenty of space in a luxury serviced apartment to keep stocked up.

3. Make Connections

If you find yourself spending regular periods of time in a serviced apartment it may be fun to get outside of your bubble and meet some new people.

If you are there for work why not suggest some after-work drinks to your colleagues for some much-needed social time? Going straight from work to a lonely apartment can make you feel worse, so try to get out every once in a while and find things to do.

Check the local area for any clubs or groups that you can join while you’re there. If you’re a keen runner then there are always running clubs you can join, or perhaps you’re looking for a crafty group to sit with on an evening. There is no end to what you can do when staying in a luxury Nottingham apartment.

4. Style it to your Taste

Serviced Apartments come fully furnished, but that doesn’t mean that they will automatically suit your style.

If you have the space to bring home comforts with you then this is the ideal way to add a touch of home to your luxury serviced apartment. Throws, cushions, scented candles and even your own bedding can all be brought with you to create a comfortable environment that you look forward to returning to at the end of the day.

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