Why you should embrace the Digital Nomad life in 2023

The pandemic provided businesses and people alike with a lot of lessons. One of which is the outdated notion that people need to be in the office in order to do their best work. With forced restrictions including social distancing, many people took to working from home during a period when they were encouraged to stay at home where possible. 

Working from home has become a permanent fixture in a lot of workplaces, but it wasn’t the only trend to come out of the pandemic. Digital Nomad lifestyles have become increasingly popular and are a great way to see the world, whilst still working. In 2023, travellers everywhere are expected to turn to this and we don’t blame them. 

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What is a Digital Nomad? 

Before we get into the benefits of taking advantage of any digital nomad scheme your work may have, it is important to understand what it actually means. The definition of a digital nomad is noted as ‘someone who earns a living working online in various locations of their choosing, rather than a fixed business location’. 

The Benefits of becoming a Digital Nomad

The main appeal of becoming a digital nomad is quite clear. You’re able to see the world and work from wherever you please. For a lot of people, the idea of being able to have a regular income and seeing the wonders of the world is a dream come true. Freeing themselves of the restrictions of being in an office 9-5 and using up few, if any, annual leave days. 

There are financial benefits to taking up the scheme as well. For those who go abroad, there is the potential for their outgoings to become cheaper due to a lower cost of living. Depending on where you go, of course. 

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How to become a Digital Nomad

Generally speaking, if you can work entirely online, anyone can become a digital nomad. Should you be self-employed, you will find it easier to establish viability. If you’re employed by a business, it is important to first gain permission to become a digital nomad and ensure that they’re happy with not being able to meet face-to-face for a prolonged period. As long as you can be certain that you’re able to connect to reliable and fast internet, along with checking the availability of work visas, there is nothing stopping you from taking it on. 

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