What Should You Look For in a Serviced Apartment?

If you haven’t stayed in a serviced apartment before, you may be wondering what sorts of things you should be looking for. When you are looking for a standard place to rent, it’s easy to know what makes a good apartment and what doesn’t. For example, you’ll want somewhere clean and somewhere with enough space for you, your belongings and your guests. However, with serviced accommodation offering so much more, this isn’t always as clear. Should you be looking for somewhere with laundry facilities or is that not something that’s included with a serviced apartment? Should you be looking for somewhere with a lot of space to relax or is that not something that’s possible with a serviced apartment?

At The Stay Company, we can understand why you may be unsure, as staying in a serviced apartment is new for a lot of people. This is why we’re on hand to help.

Features of Serviced Apartments

At The Stay Company, we know what you should be looking for in a serviced apartment. We know what serviced apartments offer and we know what they don’t. We know what makes for a great serviced apartment and we know makes for a subpar serviced apartment. Here are some of the top things that your serviced apartment should have:

Spacious Apartments

There’s no need for you to compromise on space, just because you want to stay in a serviced apartment. The apartments available here at The Stay Company are spacious and large, with enough room for you to entertain guests and for all of your belongings.

Apartments With Free Wifi & Smart TV

There’s no point moving in to a serviced apartment if you’re going to be bored when you have some downtime. This is why all of our serviced apartments come fully equipped with modern technology, such as high speed internet and a smart TV. 

Out of Hours Guest Services

As you’re staying in a serviced apartment, you’re not responsible for taking care of problems. This is why your serviced accommodation should have out of hours help. We provide an out of hours contact number for you to use whenever something goes wrong.

When you consider how much a serviced apartment can offer, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice of accommodation. At The Stay Company, we have a wide range of serviced apartments in Derby and apartments in Nottingham for you to choose from. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 223 3033 or via the online contact form.

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