When it comes to finding somewhere comfortable to stay in a new city, a lot of people immediately look for a standard hotel and book a room. Though hotels will always be popular, there really is no denying the fact that the serviced accommodation sector is booming. In fact, a lot of people are now choosing a serviced apartment over any other type of accommodation and it’s easy to see why when you look at the impressive benefits. 

The Advantages of Choosing Serviced Accommodation Over a Hotel

●      More Space - Even if you choose a large hotel room, you will still find yourself limited on space. There is rarely enough space to unpack, you are confined to one room and entertaining guests is out of the question. With serviced accommodation, this isn’t the case. Serviced accommodation is a lot more spacious than a hotel room, meaning there is room to hang out with friends and somewhere to chill out after a long day.

●      Home Away from Home - There are many hotels offering a relaxing and luxurious place to stay, but very few truly feel like a home away from home. It’s a lot easier to relax and unwind in a serviced apartment as there are home comforts and a range of appliances to use during your stay. Staying in a hotel usually means eating out for every meal, but serviced accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen. Staying in a hotel often means using a launderette, but serviced accommodation comes with clothes washing appliances. It’s easy to settle in, feel at home and make the space your own.

●      Short- and Long-Term Options - Serviced accommodation is a good choice for both short term and long-term stays, which is why serviced apartments are so popular. Whether you need somewhere to stay on a short business trip, or you are relocating to a new area, serviced accommodation has a lot to offer.


As you can see, there are a number of advantages that come with choosing serviced accommodation and this is why the sector is booming. With so many benefits, many of which are not present with a hotel stay, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are opting for serviced accommodation. To find out more about serviced apartments in Derby or Nottinghamget in touch with The Stay Company.

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