5 Business Travel Tips for Your Serviced Apartment Stay

Are you planning a business trip and staying in a serviced apartment? Or thinking about booking a visit and switching from your typical hotel to try a serviced apartment instead? Read below to find out our top business travel tips for making the most of your serviced apartment stay.

Business Travel Tips For Staying In A Serviced Apartment 

#1 Unwind in Your Own Private Accommodation

Serviced apartments provide a home away from home experience, so take full advantage of it! The main benefit of a serviced apartment over a traditional hotel room is privacy and the increased ability to relax in a peaceful environment, so make sure you fully utilise your down time or get comfortable when working remotely from the apartment.

#2 Eat Well With Self-Catering

One of the benefits of having a fully-functioning kitchen in your apartment is that you can cook your own meals and stay in control of your eating habits. Prolonged business trips can often end up with you eating out at restaurants continuously, but with a serviced apartment you can cook as if you were in your own home and keep yourself healthy.

#3 Experience Derby or Nottingham Like a Local

Make sure you take time to enjoy the fun of being on a trip away! There are no concierges at a serviced apartment, so you’re free to come as and when you like without disturbing anyone. Plus serviced apartments are most commonly located in the centre of cities, putting you right in the middle of the vibrant local culture.

#4 Work Remotely With Wi-Fi

Serviced apartments have the full Wi-Fi facilities that you would enjoy at home, allowing you to work remotely without any restrictions. Unlike hotels you don’t need to worry about paying for hourly Wi-Fi or struggling through a weak shared network connection again!

#5 Take Advantage of Your Host’s Knowledge

Your serviced apartment hosts are experts on Derby and Nottingham! Find out the best places to eat, which events are currently on in the city and more. At The Stay Company, we provide you with an out-of-hours phone number which you’re welcome to use for any queries - whether it’s to find out the best travel routes or which car hire companies we recommend.

Booking Your Serviced Apartment Stay In Derby

We make everything as easy and hassle-free as possible for our business travellers, creating an environment that is easy to stay in - and a delight to return to! 

Our specialists can organise every aspect of your stay to make it as comfortable as possible. Get in touch today on 0330 223 3033 or fill in our contact form to find out more about booking your visit.

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